Microsoft adds ChatGPT powered GPTs to free version of Copilot

Microsoft is reportedly bringing Copilot GPTs to the free version of the AI powered chatbot. Moreover, these GPTs might be accessible to those without a Microsoft account.

Microsoft seems to be adding ChatGPT-powered GPTs to the free version of Copilot, the company’s generative AI-powered chatbot. These GPTs are not limited to Edge and do not require users to log in to their Microsoft account either.

According to a recent report by Windows Latest, Copilot GPTs also seem to be working on Google Chrome but are currently limited in terms of functionality, with users currently able to access basic GPT modules for fitness, cooking or designing.

Compared to the general version of Copilot, the new GPTs are optimized for specific tasks. Like if you select the Microsoft Designer GPT, it can help you generate more creative images using OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 text-to-image generator compared to the normal chatbot.

The report claims that Microsoft is currently testing five GPTs – Copilot, Designer, Vacation planner, Cooking Assistant and Fitness trainer, with the tech giant planning to add more in the coming weeks.

When OpenAI unveiled custom GPTs in November last year, the company said that these models work better than the generalized model and that they “combine instructions, extra knowledge and any combination of skills” and can even integrate with third-party apps.

If you have subscribed to Copilot Pro, these GPTs can be customized to your preferences, similar to the GPT builder OpenAI added to ChatGPT Plus a couple of months ago. However, it looks like Copilot GPTs are currently available to a handful of users, meaning you will have to wait a while before they are available on your account.


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