Everything You Need To Know To Get The Best From Your BBQ

According to this second page of the Book Of BBQ all the faithful need toys, sorry tools, to further their enjoyment as well as increase the quality of the results of their BBQ worship.

I've certainly had a great time putting all this information together as there's a number of items that I didn't have and could suddenly justify getting them.

Now, don't take any of the three classifications as gospel - everybody does different things and does them differently. If I've listed an item under the Nice To Have section but you know you need it - go and buy it !

For example, while I consider my marinade injectors as an essential item however, if you do not BBQ many large cuts of meat, then that will not be an essential item to you.

Essential BBQ Tools
Rotisserie Kit

I have one of these for the hooded BBQ that I currently have, and in my opinion they are a waste of time and money.

It's quite a fiddly job to get the meat balanced on the spindle so that it spins correctl…

You’ve decided to go Camping!

Great choice – there couldn’t be anything better to get really close to nature and explore the great outdoors. Being in and exploring the great outdoors is exhilarating.
With any vacation you need to plan; camping vacations are no different but to say they should be more detailed. You wouldn’t want to arrive to find you’ve forgotten …. Oh no! The tent!
Planning your trip should start with where you are going and what you are planning to do. When you and your family have decided this, a checklist can be prepared. It is wise to prepare the checklist well in advance as this will enable you to include most everything you feel you need. There are also many pre-designed camping checklists available.
Some campers often plan a menu and take the required food for their entire camping vacation. Quite a few camping sites are now equipped with power so taking along a small refrigerator is a bonus if there is packing space available in your vehicle or trailer. Try to vacuum pack foods for better pres…

How to Pack a Backpack?

By reading the other pages on this site, you have been able to review the features and benefits of various equipment and supplies that you will need to take on your hike. Now, lets put it all together inside the backpack of your choice.

Here are the equipment and supplies that you will have in front of you:

BackpackTent or ShelterSleeping BagSleeping PadStove & FuelWater Pump (or other purifier)Water Bottle(s)Map & CompassFlashlight or Headlamp
Each Pack is Different
Each piece of equipment packs differently. Therefore, we will have to discuss this subject matter in generalities. Sitting in the middle of your living room floor with all of your supplies in front of you is the best way to figure out how to pack a backpack. The size and style of your personal backpacking ensemble will determine the details.

What NOT to Put in Your Pack
Take out your hiking boots/shoes, water bottle(s), sunglasses, knife and an initial set of clothing and put in a separate pile. These items will n…

A Beginner's Guide to Sea Fishing

Getting into sea fishing can be a little daunting. Unfortunately many tackle shops in the US appear to be reluctant to share knowledge and walking into a tackle shop knowing nothing about sea fishing can be intimidating for the beginner.

What rod and reel should I buy, what do I use for bait, where does my weight go and how do I cast out? Fundamental questions that all sea fishermen know the answers to but many beginners are afraid to ask. If this sounds familiar, read on!

What to Buy
The simplest way to catch fish from the beach is to cast a baited rig into the sea and wait for a fish to bite. For this you will need the following basic equipment as a minimum:

Beach Caster RodFixed Spool ReelMain lineShock Leader lineReady Made RigLead WeightBaitRod RestKayak Fishing
1. Beach Caster Rods
Beach caster rods (sometimes called surf or surf-casting rods) are usually 12 or 13 feet long and start at around £25 for a reasonable quality budget rod.

If you are able to stretch to an intermediate…

3 Important Hacks On How To Start Jogging

Starting a jogging program is one of of the very best things you can do for your overall health, fitness and well-being. Unfortunately, some beginners tend to struggle at first and many may give up altogether.

A lot of this is due to exaggerated media claims which tend to make jogging out to be a difficult, painful process rather than the enjoyable, sociable and empowering experience that it can and should be.

Here are some tips for those who want to get started on a jogging program but don't know how to go about it.

3 Hacks to Starting a Jogging Program
1. Start slowly
The typical portrayal of a jogger is someone who is huffing and puffing and struggling along the road in thinly disguised misery. The truth is that experienced runners do most of their running at an easy, comfortable pace that allows them to carry on a conversation as they run.When you're just starting out, take your time and go slowly. The majority of your fitness comes from just covering the distance. Speed …

What You Need To Know About Sports Nutrition

Whether you run 5 K’s, 10 K’s or marathons, sports nutrition plays an important part in your running plan. Listed below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about nutrition and running.
Q:  In order to stay properly hydrated, how much fluid or water do I need to drink?
A:  Dehydration effects your health, your mental capabilities and your running performance so it’s really important to get enough fluids before, during, and after your run.  At a minimum, you should be drinking 8 – 8 ounce glasses of water in a day.

But when exercising, especially in the heat, longer runs, or heavier exertion runs, the recommended amount is 16 ounces of fluid 2 hours before running and then more before you start.  If you are on a longer run, bring fluid with you (I recommend the Fuel Belt Helium).

After a long run, be sure to replenish body fluid lost by drinking two cups of water for every pound lost through sweat.  Thirst is just a sign of dehydration, so don’t wait until you are …

The Best Running Socks to Keep Your Feet Dry and Happy

Are you still wearing your everyday cotton tube socks for running? I really hope not, your feet definitely deserve better.

But I have to admit that every once in a while I look down to see my running partner (my husband) wearing his cotton tube socks, instead of a proper pair of good running socks. I guess old habits die hard. Don't ask me why, he has a drawer full of the best running socks.

After spending $100+ on your running shoes, doesn't it make total sense to go the extra $10 to keep your feet cool, dry, blister-free and happy? Just like running apparel, the running socks you wear shouldn't be made of 100% cotton and the best running socks have given way to modern day comfort.

How Do I Choose the Best Running Socks?
You wont have a problem finding running socks, as there are so many to choose from that one could become seriously confused.  You need them to be the right size, not too big and also feel comfortable.

There are variety of running socks that are manufactu…