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A Beginner's Guide to Sea Fishing

Getting into sea fishing can be a little daunting. Unfortunately many tackle shops in the US appear to be reluctant to share knowledge and walking into a tackle shop knowing nothing about sea fishing can be intimidating for the beginner.

What rod and reel should I buy, what do I use for bait, where does my weight go and how do I cast out? Fundamental questions that all sea fishermen know the answers to but many beginners are afraid to ask. If this sounds familiar, read on!

What to Buy
The simplest way to catch fish from the beach is to cast a baited rig into the sea and wait for a fish to bite. For this you will need the following basic equipment as a minimum:

Beach Caster RodFixed Spool ReelMain lineShock Leader lineReady Made RigLead WeightBaitRod RestKayak Fishing
1. Beach Caster Rods
Beach caster rods (sometimes called surf or surf-casting rods) are usually 12 or 13 feet long and start at around £25 for a reasonable quality budget rod.

If you are able to stretch to an intermediate…

3 Important Hacks On How To Start Jogging

Starting a jogging program is one of of the very best things you can do for your overall health, fitness and well-being. Unfortunately, some beginners tend to struggle at first and many may give up altogether.

A lot of this is due to exaggerated media claims which tend to make jogging out to be a difficult, painful process rather than the enjoyable, sociable and empowering experience that it can and should be.

Here are some tips for those who want to get started on a jogging program but don't know how to go about it.

3 Hacks to Starting a Jogging Program
1. Start slowly
The typical portrayal of a jogger is someone who is huffing and puffing and struggling along the road in thinly disguised misery. The truth is that experienced runners do most of their running at an easy, comfortable pace that allows them to carry on a conversation as they run.When you're just starting out, take your time and go slowly. The majority of your fitness comes from just covering the distance. Speed …