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How to Pack a Backpack?

By reading the other pages on this site, you have been able to review the features and benefits of various equipment and supplies that you will need to take on your hike. Now, lets put it all together inside the backpack of your choice.

Here are the equipment and supplies that you will have in front of you:

BackpackTent or ShelterSleeping BagSleeping PadStove & FuelWater Pump (or other purifier)Water Bottle(s)Map & CompassFlashlight or Headlamp
Each Pack is Different
Each piece of equipment packs differently. Therefore, we will have to discuss this subject matter in generalities. Sitting in the middle of your living room floor with all of your supplies in front of you is the best way to figure out how to pack a backpack. The size and style of your personal backpacking ensemble will determine the details.

What NOT to Put in Your Pack
Take out your hiking boots/shoes, water bottle(s), sunglasses, knife and an initial set of clothing and put in a separate pile. These items will n…