7 Reasons Why Buy Carbon Road Bike Frame

A carbon road bike frame can take thousands of dollars out from your bank account. So why are cyclists investing thousands of dollars on a carbon road bike frame? What are the main reasons behind? What are the benefits? Is the investment really worth it? Let's take a closer look.

Reason #1: Super light bike frame

There is really no other material that comes close to carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is just the lightest material around. For road bike, being light is good. That translates to greater speed on the road. And that's good news.

Do you know that modern road races are often won by less than a second?

Imagine riding hundreds of kilometers only to be separated by a mere half second. That's how close modern road races have become. So the slightest advantage counts in such road races. Every little thing that can give the rider a slight advantage is valuable. Thousands of dollars for a lighter bike frame? No problem!

By chance if you are not enough to buy these expensive Carbon bikes then you can opt for simple road bikes. One can find the best road bikes under 500 dollars , 1000 dollars and even for 2000 dollars. Ultimately, choice is yours! Get the one which don't break your piggy bank.

Reason #2: Excellent handling

Some riders are concerned about the handling issues. The bike frame is so light that it's almost as if the rider is riding on air.

Is it really possible that such a contraption can handle well when traveling at high speeds?

Professionals have proven that carbon fiber bikes can handle really well, even when they are pedaling hard. This is just the nature of carbon - it's a very stiff material. Stiffness is good in the sense that it's very responsive to the rider. When the rider pushes down on the pedals, the bike just surges forward. It's like a wild horse just wanting to go!

Reason #3: Excellent power transfer

Stiffness doesn't just translate to better handling. It also translates to better power transfer. Because the rear fork of the bike is so stiff, there is very little energy loss.

Energy efficiency is very important, especially if you are racing or riding long distances. Every pedal stroke must translate into forward motion. If there is energy loss, you find that you end up riding slower, or you can't complete the distance that you set out to complete.

Reason #4: Extremely stiff

This is a unique property of carbon fiber. It is extremely stiff, which makes it ideal if you are concerned about speed. How is stiffness connected to speed?

Well, the stiffer your bike frame is, the less energy loss there is from the pedals to the wheels. Of course, this does mean that you get more information about the ground you are riding on through vibrations. However, some cyclists swear that they don't feel the vibrations that much.

Reason #5: To sprint with friends

Road bikes are used for group rides. Imagine riding with a group of friends and all of them are on carbon bikes - except you. And then they decided to start attacking. You wanted to go with them but your bike is not as responsive as theirs and you get dropped. That's not very nice! Having a carbon bike frame ensures that you are on the same level as your friends.

When they sprint, you sprint! You go with them. Maybe even overtake them.

Reason #6: The dreaded hill climb.

Are there many hills in the area where you live? If you have to travel on your bike and you end up climbing up hills, then you need something that is more energy efficient.

A lighter bike means you have to carry less weight up the hill. You save energy and time with a carbon fiber bike frame. Once you tried hill climbing on a carbon bike, you will never look back.

Reason #7: To win races.

Are you a competitive person? Or let me re-frame that question - are you a competitive cyclist? If you are, then maybe you want to go out there and win some races.

You are at a disadvantage if you are riding anything less than a carbon bike. For sure, all your strongest competitors are riding high end carbon fiber bikes that are engineered with the latest technology. They are fit, strong and fast. And on a fast bike, they look almost as if they are unbeatable. Well, if you can't beat them, join them!

Before going into a road race, make sure that you are not beaten by technology. If you don't have a carbon fiber road bike, you have already lost the race before you even start.