USPS Insufficient Address: How to fix it?

What does it mean when USPS says “insufficient address”?

The USPS term “insufficient address” is a relatively cryptic method of stating that there’s something wrong with the address on your shipment. Due to this basic error, the USPS is not going to deliver the shipment to its recipient. When this happens, USPS returns the package to its original sender, who has to ship it again.

This phrase seems to be irritating if user assume they have sent everything accurately, but somehow it indicates that something went wrong when the address label was written.

If you are the sender, you might just have forgotten to include the house number, zip code or maybe street number. The USPS delivery guy who is trying to deliver the shipment to it’s original address, doesn’t have much information about it – because it’s incorrect.

What Does “Insufficient Address” Mean?

USPS Insufficient Address

The term “Insufficient Address” indicates that some critical information was omitted from your parcel’s address label. This could be because your parcel’s label became blurry or disrupted, or it may have been incorrectly written since the beginning.

Although USPS is skilled at tackling numerous labelling issues, however, they are unable to do so if anything essential is missing. They cannot deliver a shipment to the correct location unless it contains information such as which apartment or residence it is directed for.

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Why does this error occurs?

This message is typically the outcome of an error on the part of either the sender or the person receiving. If the person who is receiving sent their contact information incorrectly, or if the sender overlooked something or wrote it wrongfully, the USPS employee might not be able to deliver the parcel to the correct address.

Check carefully: A sender should always double-check an address, and they should use printed labels or make the effort to write them out cautiously. This minimize the likelihood of this happening and can save time and money.

Protect with a Tape: It is also a smart option to conceal the label with transparent tape to prevent smudging if the shipment becomes slightly damp. Even though USPS employees do their best to maintain shipments dry, but if somehow the weather gets bad, packages are very inclined to get damp, which can cause the address label ink to run.

A piece of clear tape will protect the writing and keep it from smudging. It will also reduce the chances of it being torn or disrupted, helping in ensuring the package arrives at its destination.

Where Could I Find This Message?

This message is usually displayed if you check the tracking details after the postal service has determined that the package cannot be delivered.

This might occur at any moment throughout the delivery, but mostly it happens during the last terminal hub while sorting packages, as this is the time the package’s location is narrowed down and every bit of information becomes essential.

For e.g. if you are mailing a package to Arizona and end up leaving out the state, the package could still arrive in the correct state depending on the other information. But, if you leave out something, for instance the apartment number or ZIP Code—USPS will be left with no options but to return it back to the sender.

What Will Happen To The Package?

Typically, the package is simply returned to the sender by the USPS. Since, they don’t have many choices because the location of the package is incorrect.

They can only return the item to the point of origin, letting the sender to rectify the address and re-deliver it to the intended receiver.

For sure, this is upsetting. This means that delivery would take twice as long, if not longer. Also, sender has to to spend money again for delivery and all.

What Should I do if my package says USPS Insufficient Address?

If you see this message, the first thing you must do is find out where the package has gone. If it is your local post office, contact them right away. There is frequently a small delay before the package is returned to the sender.

If your USPS shipment or courier is labeled as UAA/Undeliverable as Addressed, you can use the tracking information to look for it.

Additionally, you can give them a call on: 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) and give them your accurate information, such as your name and shipping address.

If everything goes right, you might then be able to retrieve the package in person, avoiding the cost and trouble of it being returned to the sender. You may need to bring a valid ID and shipment tracking proof to get it back from the USPS distribution center.

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How long will USPS hold “insufficient address” package?

If the package is incorrectly addressed and does not come with a return address, it will either be handled by the local Post Office or sent to the Mail Recovery Center. If your package has not showed up within 7 days of its mailing date, you can use the Missing Mail application to report a search request.

What can I do to avoid it?

The best way to prevent this is for senders and recipients to double-check their addresses.

If either party makes a mistake, the shipment will not arrive to its destination. So, it is important to make sure that addresses are given accurately and written out properly.

Keeping your address in a file on your computer where you can easily copy it is a good way to reduce errors. Copying and printing the address should also help senders. This makes it more difficult for information to be overlooked accidentally.

Senders can also reduce the possibility of errors by researching the address they have been given online and ensuring that it is valid.

Please, make sure that these details are written down on the label correctly:

  • Recipient name
  • Apartment name/number
  • Street name
  • Area name
  • State
  • ZIP Code

Don’t rush when you’re sending out something important, take your time and see everything written correctly on the package label. Because, if it gets returned due to “insufficient address” error – you will have to spend extra money to re-deliver it again.

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