USPS Delivered To Wrong Address – What Should I Do?

USPS Delivered To Wrong Address

Misdelivered packages are rare, but a mistake by a delivery company can lead to serious consequences. Your package might not be what you expected — or you might receive something different entirely.

When you don’t receive an order you shipped, whether it’s a mix-up with the address or a mistake by the carrier, what should you do?

What if you receive a package you didn’t order — is it okay to keep it?

Lots of questions may arise in your mind about USPS services. Don’t worry; we’re answering all of them.

Here’s a guide on what to do if USPS delivers the item to the wrong address.

What To Do When USPS Delivered To the Wrong Address

The worst-case scenario is that your package was delivered to the wrong address by the USPS and you’re not sure what to do, then rest assured that we’ve got your back.

To understand how this could occur, let us first understand the possible situations.

Scenario 1: Failure at the USPS End

First and foremost, you must notify your post office as soon as possible if you receive an incorrect delivery. Calling them will prompt them to take note of your complaint and retrieve your package.

The package will be delivered to you once it has reached the recovered list. There may be no better way to get your parcel back than through this method. This solution, however, is only applicable when USPS made a mistake.

Scenario 2: Fault at the Sender’s End

It may or may not be the responsibility of USPS to fix the situation if it is the fault of the sender for not including the correct address or mistyping it.

In the majority of cases, USPS will not take responsibility for the problem and, you will have to deal with it yourself. Let the recipient know about the mistake so you can both resolve it together.

At the very least, you can request the name, address, and signature of the recipient from USPS. Once the address is received, contact the recipient and ask them to deliver your package. On the airway bill, you can find the recipient’s details.

If you’re fortunate enough, USPS might be able to assist you in your efforts to recover the package.

USPS Online Tracking: Keep tracking your package until it arrives

The USPS has an effective online tracking system, which is a positive. When you place an order, this feature will assist you in tracking the delivery of your package.

In some cases, the status of the package shows “delivered”, but you have not yet received it. You may encounter this problem if your package is delivered to the wrong address. Alternatively, it could be caused by a postal issue.

How to track a package: It’s easy to track your package with the USPS; just enter your tracking number in the text box and click “track.” It is easy to locate your tracking number on USPS’s mailing receipt or email.

Track here:

What can I do if I never received a package that says it was delivered?

If your tracking system tells you that your package was delivered but it didn’t arrive, then the package may have been delivered to the wrong address or it may have been rendered unacceptable because of an error — which you can confirm by contacting the United States Postal Service.

The package’s destination address determines whether it’s the correct or wrong address; if it’s correct, USPS will deliver the package to you. Being proactive and taking charge is the best way to go about it.

If your tracking information shows that your package was delivered but you can’t find it. Check out this quick checklist:

  • Ask your neighbors: if they took in a package for you while you were out.
  • You can inquire about the status of your package by contacting the local post office and describing it. So, they can determine whether it has been returned or is waiting to be picked up.
  • If you are having trouble tracking your order, you may want to call the post office that sent it, too.
  • The package got stolen: If you can’t find the package in the mailbox or around your house, there’s a high chance someone took it. Make sure to check if the courier dropped the package around your house before you inform the authorities that the package was stolen.

In case you’re still unsuccessful, you can try these methods to look for your package:

  • To find out what happened, contact the support number on your order’s shipping label.
  • Please contact the sender directly if it is an address error on the part of USPS. If they cannot refund your money, they may offer a replacement or gift card instead.

These types of incidents are sadly not uncommon; however, if you fall into these situations, simply follow what we have described above.

You should take charge of the issue rather than wait for USPS or other carriers to resolve it. By following the same procedure, you will be able to find the package more easily.

What to do if you receive a package you didn’t order?

Unsolicited Packages or Brushing Scams

Each lost package results in someone receiving an unwanted item by mistake. Here are some guidelines you can follow before accepting them:

Unsolicited Packages or Brushing Scams

You don’t always have to worry about a mistaken delivery when you receive a package you didn’t request. There may be times when a company sends you an item you didn’t order. This is known as “unsolicited goods,” and you’re entitled to keep an unsolicited good when you’re sent one.

Is it legal to keep unsolicited goods?

Yes, it is legal. In compliance with state and federal law, recipients of unordered merchandise are not required to pay for or return the goods. You can ignore the invoice if the company sends you one.

Wrongly delivered

If you receive a package that has a different address and name than yours, which indicates that it was intended for someone else—return it immediately. There may be some similarities between these two addresses, but you can find the difference by looking at them.

If you receive a mistaken delivery, contact the local post office or delivery company right away. In case the package isn’t yours, give them the tracking number, along with the name and address. The courier company will come and pick up the parcel within the given timeframe. No inconvenience should be caused to you, and you don’t have to pay anything at all.

What you should not do if you receive a package you didn’t order?

  • Never contact the person directly who should have received the package when it is misdelivered to your door. Contacting the company is the best way to protect their privacy.
  • Don’t give the package to the intended recipient, even if they arrive at your door or contact you. A shipping company giving out your address is unprofessional, and there is always the possibility that someone is trying to scam you.
  • If you have contacted the shipping company and don’t hear back from them, feel free to keep that parcel. In some cases, a company will resend the package instead of going through the retrieval process—in that case—you can keep the package.

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