Google Ads – Measurement Certification Exam Answers 2023


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Google Ads – Measurement Certification Exam Answers 2023

1. An Executive At A Clothing Company Is In The Process Of Defining Sales Volume Numbers For Next Quarter. What’s The Executive Defining?

  • A business objective
  • A campaign metric
  • A marketing objective
  • A media objective

2. What Are The Two Key Benefits Of Google My Business? (Choose Two.)

  • It manages multiple listings together.
  • It sends automated email invites to customers.
  • It shares information with customers.
  • It completes eCommerce transactions.

3. As The Owner Of A New Restaurant, Susan Is Considering Her Potential Customer’s Journeys In Order To Establish Her Business In The Area. What’s The First Step A Potential Customer Might Take When Going Through The Journey Phase?

  • View an online advertisement of the new restaurant.
  • Fill out an online email subscription form to receive alerts.
  • Call to inquire if the restaurant accepts dinner reservations.
  • Recommend the restaurant to her social media friends.

4. A New Restaurant Recently Opened And The Owner Wants To Create An Ad Promoting The Curbside Delivery Service. What Marketing Objective Does This Ad Align With?

  • Brand awareness
  • Return on investment
  • Brand favorability
  • Brand loyalty

5. Madison Owns A Retail Clothing Store. Her Marketing Consultant Says That With All The Technology At Their Disposal, Customers Will Go Back And Forth Across Multiple Channels Before Choosing To Buy An Outfit At Her Store. The Consultant Recommends That Madison Consider An Online-To-Offline Strategy To Drive Foot Traffic To Her Store.

What Are Two Examples Of An Online-To-Offline Strategy? (Choose Two.)

  • Lead manipulation
  • Local Inventory ads
  • Website-to-email
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google Ads location extensions

6. A Marketing Manager Wants To Use An Attribution Model That Includes Both Converting And Non-Converting Paths In Order To Evaluate Individual Customer Paths. Which Attribution Model Will Fulfill This Requirement?

  • Rules-based attribution
  • Data-driven attribution
  • Linear attribution
  • Position-based attribution

7. By linking a Google My Business account with a Google Ads account, you’re able to create location extensions. Which type of information can location extensions display to potential customers?

  • Your service reviews or vendor testimonials
  • The distance the customer is from your location
  • Pictures/images of your location
  • Current promotions of your location

8. A clothing company wants to entice consumers to pay more for their products. To do this, the company launches an advertising campaign to position themselves as a luxury brand. Which factor are they trying to improve?

  • Unit cost
  • Demand
  • Volume
  • Capacity

9. Joshua is creating a new Google Ads campaign and wants to track specific actions customers take on his website. He knows that a global site tag has been implemented on the site, making the use of event tags a possibility. Which two types of event tags can Joshua create? (Choose two.)

  • Click
  • Session time
  • Page load
  • Download
  • Bounce Rate

10. An extra line is included within an ad when location extensions are added to a Google Ad campaign. All it takes is linking Google My Business with a Google Ads account. What can users see when an ad with location extensions is displayed?

  • A call-to-action, a collection of services, or a digital coupon code
  • A website sitemap, specific page links, or a web search button
  • A phone number, a messaging button, or newsletter sign-up link
  • An address, a link to see the business on Google maps, or specific distance to location

11. Brenda implemented conversion tracking tags for her website. She’s reviewing the total conversions across her ads, using the campaigns report. She’d like to see the total for each conversion type. How can she accomplish this?

  • By opening her assisted conversions report.
  • By switching to the attribution overview report.
  • By segmenting the data by conversion action.
  • By adding columns for each conversion type.

12. Antonio runs an online retail site and wants to set up a sitewide tag to measure online conversions for his future Google Ad campaigns. He’s already set up conversion actions and has Google Tag Manager managing tags on his site. Which tag type should he choose to complete this process?

  • Google Ads Conversion Tracking
  • Conversion Linker
  • Google Optimize
  • Floodlight Counter

13. As the director of advertising for a software company, Susan’s considering her customers’ journeys. What’s the first step her potential customers will take?

  • Provide contact information
  • View an online advertisement
  • Respond to a call-for-action
  • Demonstrate loyalty

14. Anthony has a dog-walking business that he manages online, and he’s adopted Google Ads to drive more traffic to his website. He’s one month into his first campaign on Google Ads, now reviewing his conversion data to determine how his ads are performing. He sees that his view-through conversions (VTCs) are low. He’s not sure what VTCs are and what this data means Knowing which two facts about VTCs would help Anthony better understand his conversion data? (Choose two.)

  • VTCs are recorded when users interact with an ad and then later convert.
  • In conversion reports, VTC data are included in the conversions column rather than being separately addressed.
  • A view is counted if a person watches an ad for up to 30 seconds OR clicks on a part of the ad.
  • VTCs are conversions that are recorded when users view (but don’t interact with) an ad and then later convert.

15. Google My Business helps businesses engage their customers in the moments that matter most. What are two ways Google My Business accomplishes this? (Choose two.)

  • Qualifies new leads.
  • Communicates with customers.
  • Enables remarketing to visitors.
  • Responds to reviews.
  • Shows converted sales.

16. Which analysis technique is particularly useful for companies that invest a significant amount of their media budget in offline media channels or companies that sell predominantly through local stores?

  • Machine learning
  • Media mix model
  • Cross-channel
  • Attribution

17. Olyana works at a digital marketing agency. She’d like to use Google forwarding numbers to track the duration of calls originating from one of her client’s campaigns. She created a conversion action for call conversions inside Google Ads, which produced a tag for her to download. What is this tag called?

  • A message snippet
  • A multimedia snippet
  • A console snippet
  • A phone snippet

18. Tom’s using Google Ads to promote his bicycle store. He’s created an Android App and needs to measure how effectively the current ad campaign is driving purchases. How can Tom accomplish this?

  • By setting up an attribution action for website purchases.
  • By setting up a conversion action for in-app purchases.
  • By setting up a conversion action for website purchases.
  • By setting up an attribution action for in-app purchases.

19. Which Google measurement product is designed for brick-and-mortar retailers that collect shopper purchase data in a customer relationship management system?

  • Store visits
  • Brand lift
  • Store sales direct
  • Mixed media

20. Bill owns a company called Wild Bill’s Bracelets that sells custom jewelry. He launched a Search campaign to drive sales of his custom-made bracelets on his website. How can Bill create effective messages that drive more customers to purchase his jewelry?

  • He can use Display upsell ads.
  • He can use videos to tell stories.
  • He can highlight brand attributes.
  • He can use brand-specific search terms.

21. Gail is a marketing manager who received a series of ads from her creative team. She wants to improve her ad content by using A/B testing. Which type of ads will Gail compare?

  • Ads with exposed groups, on the same message, and directed at the same audience.
  • Ads with unexposed groups, on the same budget, and directed at the same audience.
  • Ads used in brand lift, on the same channel, and directed at the same audience.
  • Ads used in identical ways, on the same channels, and directed at the same audience.

22. Which feature should you use to find information regarding specific actions visitors have taken on your Google My Business listing over a given period of time?

  • Google My Business Insights
  • Google My Business Tracking
  • Google My Business Totals
  • Google My Business Metrics

23. Rodney’s trying to set up offline tracking using his Google Ads account. He downloaded the conversion template he wants to use. He adds the appropriate offline data and modifies it. When he tries to upload the template, the import process fails. What will cause the import process to fail?

  • Rodney hasn’t added any data to the Conversion Name field.
  • The GCLID field’s been removed from the conversion template.
  • Rodney’s account isn’t assigned to the Firebase Develop Admin role.
  • Rodney’s trying to upload an Excel file rather than Google Sheets.

24. Raven has successfully added her location to Google My Business. She knows she has options for verification, including use of a phone call or e-mail. How else can she verify her location?

  • With a downloaded mobile app.
  • With a state-issued business license.
  • With a visit to a local Google office.
  • With a postcard delivered by mail.

25. Kathy released a gaming app and needs to set up conversion tracking for first opens of the app. To do this, she linked her Firebase project with Google Ads. Which access permission did her Google account need for her to do this?

  • Standard access in Firebase
  • Standard access within Google Ads
  • Administrative access in Firebase
  • Administrative access in Google Ads

26. Julie is trying to determine why there are such dynamic fluctuations in the conversion volume of her online website in the past three months. She begins investigating possible causes for the fluctuations. What are two recommended actions she can take in her investigation? (Choose two.)

  • Introduce ad changes to see if conversion volume fluctuates in a similar pattern as the current fluctuation.
  • Have other members of her marketing team double-check her conclusions to rule out user error.
  • View the Time Lag Report to better understand her visitor’s conversion path.
  • Review the full history of her account changes over the specific date selected, as ad changes might affect conversions.

27. Peter has a website that promotes his local vacation rental site. He uses Google Ads to manage his advertising campaign. He’s cross-referencing his purchase conversions with his backend CRM, and the data isn’t matching up. What’s an attributed reason for this discrepancy?

  • The CRM doesn’t support the unique order ID.
  • Peter has enabled the View-through conversion column.
  • Conversion tracking is generating duplicate conversions.
  • Peter modified the event tag to capture a unique order ID.

28. You’ve been hired as a consultant to help an online store owner. You need to complete the implementation of conversion tracking tags into their website. What are two ways that Google Tag Assistant can help you with this task? (Choose two.)

  • It automatically creates tag code snippets.
  • It creates the Google Click Identifier tag (GCLID).
  • It tells you which tags are on each web page.
  • It provides reasons why tags aren’t working.

29. David owns a retail business that just implemented a web app to supplement sales. He needs to choose an attribution partner to integrate the app for in-app conversion tracking. Which two are available attribution providers? (Choose two.)

  • Google Firebase
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Play
  • Salesforce

30. Which statement describes rules-based attribution?

  • It algorithmically evaluates individual customer paths.
  • It includes converting and non-converting paths.
  • It’s the most advanced model in Google’s attribution products.
  • It applies static logic to assign a value to each touch-point.

31. Levi’s an experienced marketing strategist for a software company that sells a learning platform to public schools. He developed healthy individual measurement habits that drive his success in constantly evolving his company’s marketing strategies to the schools’ changing needs. What are two habits Levi developed to help him evaluate and adapt his marketing strategies? (Choose two.)

  • He promotes the attitude that “failure is not an option” amongst his team members and subordinates.
  • He starts his day by looking at how well he’s  doing on his company’s key performance indicators.  
  • He maintains a set of preferred media channels proven to be effective and don’t need to change.
  • He values what his coworkers think and encourages them to give their opinions in his marketing meetings.
  • He incorporates data into all of his decision-making concerning marketing channel selection.

32. A brand manager wants to show the value of his advertising by demonstrating the return on ad investment. What’s his marketing objective?

  • Consideration
  • Purchase
  • Loyalty
  • Awareness

33. Vijay needs to design a website for his taxi company. He’s considering using the Google My Business website builder. His biggest concern is whether he can produce a site capable of serving his customers on mobile phones and tablets. How does the Google My Business website builder address this concern?

  • Google My Business website builder sites are all mobile-only with no desktop variants.
  • Google My Business website builder will format the site to deliver on any device.
  • Google My Business builder sites offer multiple display options when users land on-page.
  • Google My Business builder sites direct all traffic to coded pages hosted by third parties.

34. Sara’s a marketing executive for an online clothing retailer. She’s focused on data-driven measurement to drive sales of her company’s clothing lines. She turned to Google’s automated machine learning to help her company gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. What does Sara do to succeed at automation?

  • She needs to learn the data models used by Google’s automation systems.
  • She needs to choose a CRM that can process the data from Google’s automated machine learning.
  • She needs to assign data values to her manual optimization processes in real time.
  • Sara first breaks down her organization’s data silos to ensure data quality. That lets the correct data get recorded by Google’s machine-learning algorithm.

35. Brianna has a physical store that she’s successfully managed for 10 years. Her products aren’t designed to sell and ship online. She recently created an online website and app to advertise her business. Now she’s interested in using Google Ads to create an ad campaign and measure its effectiveness. How will offline conversion tracking help Brianna?

  • Brianna can convert offline customers into online shoppers.
  • Brianna can measure how many shoppers intend to visit her physical store.
  • Brianna can track conversions for first opens for her app.
  • Brianna can measure offline sales initiated from an ad click.

36. You want to complete conversion tracking setup on your business website with Google Ads. You’ve already implemented a global sitewide tag. Your next step is to create event tags, which must be placed in the correct section of your web pages to properly function. Where’s the event tag implemented on a web page?

  • Between the tags of your website page, before the last line of code.
  • Directly above the global site tag in the <\head> tags of all website pages.
  • Between the tags of your website page, right after the global site tag.
  • On the home page of the website, both above and below the tags.

37. Felix launched both a Google Video Ad campaign and a Google Shopping Ad campaign to drive sales of lumber on his home improvement website. He reviews his conversion data after two weeks and notices his video ads campaign seem to be assisting in driving higher lumber sales. He moves more of his budget to the Video Ads campaign. Which type of optimization has Felix used to drive higher lumber sales?

  • Bidding Optimization
  • Media mix optimization
  • Targeting Optimization
  • Creative Optimization

38. Mary’s a marketing manager for a nationwide vegan restaurant chain. She’s considering which digital channel she should use to advertise her restaurant’s new menu upgrades to people who prefer vegan food. Which two digital channels could Mary use to reach her audience? (Choose two.)

  • Video
  • Print
  • Radio
  • E-mail
  • Television

39. If you’ve set up conversion actions in Google Ads and Google Analytics, you’ll notice differences in the way this data is calculated between the two platforms.

What’s one of these differences?

  • The cost of products
  • The number of product returns
  • The date of transaction
  • The return on investment

40. Tom is a web developer who also runs an online store. He uses Google Ads. He wants to integrate conversion tracking on his site with the updated Google Ads conversion tracking tag (gtag.js). What must he do in order integrate conversion tracking?

  • Insert the tag code into the Floodlight tag of any applicable web page.
  • Input the tag code between the tags of each of web page.
  • Ensure that all HTML code for each page is optimized for the Chrome browser.
  • Use HTML5 coding for any page that the tag will be inserted into.

41. Tara knows Google My Business is a great way to share information and engage her customers online. But she’s worried because she has multiple locations, and management may be too difficult. How does Google My Business address Tara’s concern?

  • Tara can create multiple Google My Business accounts for each location.
  • Tara can access each Google My Business account on a different device.
  • Tara can manage multiple Google My Business listings together.
  • Tara can set her Google My Business account to automatic.

42. Why is it difficult, or maybe impossible, to calculate a total increase in brand awareness from a campaign spanning multiple media channels?

  • Multiple media channels may use different tools to measure brand lift.
  • Multiple media channels aggregate all your data into a single view.
  • Multiple media channels use ads in identical ways.
  • Multiple media channels consolidate campaign data for actionable insights.

43. Marisol owns a busy yoga studio popular with local college communities. Her customers call daily to check on class times, availability, and pricing, which takes too much of her staff’s time. Marisol would love to use Google My Business to provide the answers these customers need, without requiring her staff to take calls. Which feature of Google My Business could Marisol use to accomplish this?

  • Google My Business Informer allows her to set a robocall to answer and inform phone callers.
  • Google My Business Call Center lets her dictate a message that’s then read by a professional.
  • Google My Business Redirect lets her decide to which phone line and device a caller is directed.
  • Google My Business Messaging lets her send a quick text that answers her customers’ questions.

44. Kellie wants to buy an expensive purse from a local accessory store. As a savvy consumer, Kellie wants to find an exact brand at the right price. Which strategy will help an accessory store engage Kellie throughout her customer journey, from the time she begins research to the time she purchases the purse?

  • A brand-focused strategy
  • A pay-per-lead strategy
  • An online-to-offline strategy
  • A social-media strategy

45. Larry owns a dry cleaning business and would like to give his customers every opportunity to reach him. His Google My Business panel provides his phone number, but he knows some of his online customers would prefer to text when requesting information. How can Google My Business help Larry?

  • Larry can set turn on messaging within the Google My Business app.
  • Larry can set Google My Business to transcribe voice mails to text messages.
  • Larry can enable messaging by selecting his a default SMS and MMS app.
  • Larry can set Google My Business to automatically respond to online queries.

46. Olyana is about to implement a Google Ads campaign for her online business. She’s inserted a phone snippet on her website to replace her business number with a Google forwarding number. What will this allow Olyana to do now?

  • Record which ad led to a call conversion
  • Push automated promotional ads to callers
  • Capture phone numbers of callers
  • Forward phone inquiries to her cell phone

47. Sylvia Has Four Store Locations And Is Considering Using Location Extensions With Her Google Ads. What Can Users See When Displaying An Ad With Location Extensions?

  • Photos/images for products she sells
  • A website sitemap with specific page links
  • A clickable link to a details page for her business location
  • A customized ad for each particular location

48. Carl Is Nearly Finished With The Conversion Tracking Setup For His Google Ad Campaign And Is Ready To Add An Event Tag To His Existing Website. What Must Carl Do To Make Sure That The Tags Are Not Double Counting?

  • Remove any existing JavaScript code.
  • Remove any legacy conversion tag.
  • Make sure that all images are in JPEG format.
  • Add on the conversion linker to the event tag.

49. Curtis recently created a Google My Business Account. He wants to learn how his people are finding his business listing on the web and how they interacted with his listing. Which Google My Business feature can Curtis use to accomplish this?

  • Google My Business reviews
  • Google My Business services
  • Google My Business insights
  • Google My Business conversion tracking

50. Sarah is a Digital Marketing Consultant. With 90% Of Sales Still Taking Place In A Physical Location, She Knows Her Clients Need To Reach Customers Across Multiple Channels. Which Type Of Marketing Strategy Can Sarah Use To Motivate Sales To Her Client’s Physical Locations?

  • Display advertising
  • An online-to-offline strategy
  • Third-party lead generation
  • Search engine optimization

51. A Brand Manager Wants To Create A Marketing Objective That Aligns With The Purchase Stage Of The Customer Journey. Which Metric Should The Brand Manager Use?

  • Return on ad spend
  • Customer referrals
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand association

52. Felix Launched A Google Display Ad Campaign To Drive Sales Of Tools On His Home Improvement Website. After Reviewing Sales Data From The First Week, Felix Notices Higher Sales From Ads That Include A Picture Of The Tool Itself. He Decides To Add Tool Pictures To All Of His Other Ads To Try And Replicate The Success.

Which Type Of Channel Optimization Is Felix Using To Drive Higher Tool Sales?

  • Media Mix
  • Targeting
  • Bidding
  • Creative

53. Which Statement Is True About Location Extensions?

  • Location extensions can provide a messaging button that nearby potential customers can use for inquiries.
  • Location extensions replace traditional ads with a delivery focused on location-specific promotions.
  • Location extensions provide potential customers with the distance to your business location along with your ad.
  • Location extensions replace traditional ads with photos/images of your business locations.

54. Measuring Conversion Actions Can Help You Better Understand How Users Connect With Your Brand. Which Are Two Conversion Actions You Can Measure? (Choose Two.)

  • Unsolicited walk-ins
  • Pageviews
  • Directory referrals
  • Subscription sign-ups

55. Sidney Is In Her Google Account, Reviewing Her Campaigns And Attribution Reports. She Notices That The Number Of Total Conversions Reported In The Attribution Report Is Different Than The Number In The Campaigns Report. What Could Explain This?

  • The attribution report doesn’t include website conversions.
  • The attribution report doesn’t include app conversions.
  • The attribution report doesn’t include phone number clicks conversions.
  • The attribution report doesn’t include imported Analytics goals/transactions.

56. Brenda Just Released A Mobile App For Her Business And Has Selected An Attribution Partner To Integrate With For In-App Conversion Tracking. What Else Must She Do To Complete The Conversion Tracking Setup?

  • Link her Google Play account to her Google My Business account.
  • Link her Google Firebird account to her Google Analytics account.
  • Link her Google Ads account and Google Analytics account.
  • Link her Google Play and Google Ads account.

57. Senior executives at a global manufacturing company are determining the key performance indicators they’ll use to judge how effective their online video advertising campaigns will be on Google Ads. What guidelines are they creating?

  • Marketing objectives
  • Campaign metrics
  • Media objectives
  • Business objectives

58. Which attribution type algorithmically evaluates individual customer paths?

  • Time-decay
  • Data-driven attribution (DDA)
  • Last interaction
  • Linear

59. Once you’ve established conversion actions in your Google Ads account, you’ll be provided with a conversion tracking tag. What should you do with this snippet of code to successfully track conversion actions?

  • Add the conversion tag to your website or app.
  • Add the code snippet to your sales receipts.
  • Add the code to your Google Ads campaigns.
  • Add the conversion tag to all social channels.

60. In a survey, a customer shows a strong preference for one brand over another. Which general metric does this behavior fall under?

  • Consideration
  • Awareness
  • Loyalty
  • Purchase

61. Each Google My Business location has a unique ID that applies changes to the right listing. What’s the name of this unique ID?

  • Store Number
  • Store Category
  • Store Code
  • Store Identifier

62. Brad wants to link his Firebase account to his Google Ads account for his e-commerce app. What are the required minimum permissions for Brad’s Google account to be able to do this?

  • In Firebase, the account needs to be an owner on the project you want to link.
  • The Google account needs Standard access in Google Ads.
  • In Firebase, the account needs to be a Firebase Develop Admin.
  • The Google account needs to have owner access in Google Ads.

63. Carlos has a physical store and doesn’t have the ability to sell his products online. But he still advertises online and wants to measure how effective his online ads are in driving new customers in-store and generating new sales. What is the best way for Carlos to achieve this within Google Ads?

  • Create a new audience to represent offline shoppers.
  • Import offline conversions.
  • Use Audience insights to define an offline audience.
  • Use Attribution Modeling to analyze offline purchasers.

64. Susan’s created a gaming app, which she’s promoting on Google Ads. She wants to track first opens of the gaming app. What must she do first, before she can begin tracking opens of her app?

  • Link her Firebase and Google Ads account.
  • Set up Google Analytics with her app data.
  • Assign values to search attribution.
  • Automate her bidding strategies.

65. In Google My Business, where can you find the number of Google My Business visitors that are receiving driving directions to your location?

  • Google My Business Maps
  • Google My Business Messaging
  • Google My Business Photos
  • Google My Business Insights

66. Jerran is a marketing manager at an advertising agency. His client would like to track contact form submissions originating from their Google Ads account. The client has a global site tag successfully installed, so Jerran can use an event tag to track this conversion action. Which type of event tag should Jerran use?

  • A click event tag
  • A social event tag
  • A page load event tag
  • A reload event tag

67. Felix launched both a Google Search Ad campaign and a Google Display Ad campaign to drive sales of tools on his home improvement website. He reviewed his sales data after two weeks and noticed his Search Ad campaign is the most successful. Which optimization type should Felix use if he wants to use bidding or targeting to acquire more customers?

  • Media Mix
  • Channel
  • Attribution
  • Placements

68. Brenda is compiling a list of definable metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) that will be used to evaluate the final success of her Google ad campaign. Which two statements can guide her as she creates a KPI? (Choose two.)

  • A KPI shows how ads are performing in real time.
  • A KPI is clear, measurable, and has a defined time frame.
  • A KPI represents non-click actions, such as page views and leads.
  • A KPI is media-channel specific, and KPIs aren’t interchangeable.
  • By definition, A KPI is a measurement of success.

69. Everett just finished building a website for his bus-touring company using the Google My Business website builder. He followed the required steps, and is eager to see his new website live on the web. After pointing the domain at his new website, how long does it usually take for the site to appear online if the site is built correctly?

  • It should be up on the web after a 24-hour review.
  • It will take exactly three days to be published.
  • It takes one week for the site to be reviewed and published.
  • It should be live on the web in only a few minutes.

70. A customer is receptive to an upsell during a product purchase. Which part of the customer journey has been exhibited?

  • Purchase
  • Loyalty
  • Awareness
  • Consideration

71. Google My Business provides businesses with opportunities for connecting with their customers online. What are two ways Google My Business would help engage your customers? (Choose two.)

  • It offers clear, specific, quick, and accurate directions to your business.
  • It completes transactions for goods and services using credit cards.
  • It automates follow-ups and generates reviews for your listed business.
  • It allows your customers to make bookings right from your listing.
  • It compares your pricing with that of similar businesses.

72. Well-managed, verified Google My Business listings get five times more views than those that are unclaimed. How can you verify a location in Google My Business?

  • You can verify with a picture, by sharing social channels, or calling Google.
  • You can verify with a phone call, an e-mail, or a postcard through the mail.
  • You can verify with a stamp, with a state license, or with a mobile app.
  • You can verify in-person, using a third party, or with an online payment.

73. Richard’s a marketing executive for an online leather-goods retailer. He’s focused on data measurement to drive sales of his company’s belt lines. He turned to Google’s automated machine learning to help his company gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. What’s an important first step that Richard must take to succeed at automation?

  • He needs to learn the data models used by Google’s automation systems.
  • He needs to assign data values to his manual optimization processes in real time.
  • He first breaks down his organization’s data silos to ensure data quality. That lets the correct data get recorded by Google’s machine-learning algorithm.
  • He needs to build data spreadsheets that can be entered into Google’s automation system.

74. Brenda’s meeting with the web developer of her retail website concerning the integration of conversion tracking using Google Ads. The web developer needs to set up conversion tracking tags. What’s required to accomplish this?

  • A sitewide tag must be added for each conversion action.
  • The required code snippets must be inserted within an inline frame.
  • Conversion tracking tags must use HTML5 for all site pages.
  • Auto-tagging must be turned on in all of her Google Ads.

75. Mary is a marketing manager for a nationwide vegan restaurant chain. She wants to reach potential customers across two media channels focusing on specific audience behaviors. Which two channels could she choose to reach her desired objective? (Choose two.)

  • Video
  • Display
  • E-mail
  • Radio
  • Search

76. Your online store is using Firebase as its SDK for its mobile app. The app integrates with your website. You’re also using Google Ads to manage your marketing efforts. You want to automatically import conversions into Google Analytics for Firebase. Which action will accomplish this?

  • Enable your Google Analytics account in the Google Publisher Toolbar.
  • Link your Google Firebase account with Google Analytics.
  • Make Google Firebase your attribution provider.
  • Insert a required JavaScript code onto each web page of your site.

77. Heather’s using Google Ads to promote her online olive-oil business. She’s setting up a conversion action to measure how effectively her ad campaign is increasing sales on her website. Which category of conversion action should Heather select as part of the setup?

  • Set-up
  • Lead
  • Purchase
  • Page view

78. You’re setting up offline conversion tracking. You need to to upload offline data into your Google Ads account. Which two formats are supported? (Choose two.)

  • Google Docs
  • XML
  • Google Sheets
  • CSV
  • HTML

79. Your company’s created a collection of two-to-three years’ worth of weekly data for every driver of sales, including all marketing channels, but also across areas like price promotions, distribution, and product changes. You can now analyze ROI (return on investment) for each media channel to determine the ones you should continue to invest in. Which analysis technique have you used?

  • Media mix model
  • Attribution
  • Machine learning
  • Cross-channel

80. Which statement describes linear attribution?

  • It includes converting and non-converting paths.
  • It’s the most advanced model in Google’s attribution products.
  • It algorithmically evaluates individual customer paths.
  • It distributes credit evenly to every single touch-point in a buyer’s journey.

81. WidgetCo wants to increase the total amount of money they make after expenses. They’re unable to change their internal costs. Which factor can WedgetCo lower to drive higher volume and increase the money they make after expenses?

  • Customer demand
  • Units sold
  • Profit margin
  • Sale price

82. What are two benefits of selecting Google Firebase as your attribution partner in Google Ads? (Choose two.)

  • You get access to automatically generated remarketing lists for Firebase-published apps.
  • You no longer have to manually link your Firebase account to your Google Ads account.
  • You can easily index your app in Google search.
  • You can import conversions, adding any additional code to enable automatically collected events.
  • You can use audiences created in Firebase for conversion tracking and remarketing in Google Ads.

83. You want to set Firebase as your attribution partner in Google Ads in order to track first opens for your online store app. What’s the first step you must implement in order to accomplish this?

  • Select conversion in Google Ads, and select Firebase app conversions.
  • Assign your Google account as a Firebase Admin in Firebase.
  • Add a required snippet of code to each site page of your online store.
  • Link your Firebase project to your Google Ads account.

84. DeShawn uses Google Ads. He wants to enable website call conversion tracking so he can see how his current ad campaign is driving users to call the number on his business website. How are the calls tracked to DeShawn’s account?

  • The conversion name for DeShawn’s store
  • The phone number listed on his official store website
  • The assigned Google Click Identifier
  • A dynamically created Google forwarding number

85. Which statement is true about time-decay attribution?

  • It includes converting and non-converting paths.
  • It gives more credit to the touch-points closest to the conversion.
  • It’s the most advanced model in Google’s attribution products.
  • It algorithmically evaluates individual customer paths.

86. Cliff is a marketing manager who received a series of ads from his creative team. He wants to compare data between those ads using A/B testing. Which type of ads will Cliff compare?

  • Ads used in identical ways, on the same budget, and with exposed groups.
  • Ads used in identical ways, on the same channels, and directed at the same audience.
  • Ads used in identical ways, on the same budget, and used in brand lift.
  • Ads used in identical ways, on the same channels, and with unexposed groups.

87. Sidney’s in his Google Ads account and wants to analyze how effectively his video ads drive conversions on his website. He’s currently reviewing the attribution report. What information will this report provide him?

  • Statistics that compare multiple ad groups and ad campaigns.
  • Performance data comparing his current attribution model with similar websites’ models.
  • Data that compares his ads to ads from similar businesses to see which ones are most successful.
  • Data about the customer paths that lead to conversions for his online business.

88. Which Google offering could you use to measure the number of people who click or view your ads and later visit your business location?

  • Cross-channel attribution
  • Store visits
  • Brand lift
  • Media mix model

89. If you’re interested in tracking conversions in your Google Ads campaigns and have Google Analytics already installed, there’ll be differences in the conversion data reported by the two systems. What are two of these differences? (Choose two.)

  • Differences in conversion counts
  • Differences in attribution
  • Differences in ad placement
  • Differences in base pricing
  • Differences in metric formatting

90. An event tag is a code snippet that works directly with a global site tag to track customer actions specified by an advertiser as conversions. Which types of event tags can be created?

  • Page load and click
  • Time onsite and referrer
  • Total pages and load speed
  • Page duration and visit

91. To avoid double counting, what will have to be removed from a website page prior to the addition of an event tag?

  • All images in JPEG format
  • Any legacy conversion tag
  • Any social-media links on-page
  • All web pages using HTTPS

92. Which method should be used to promote awareness to customers?

  • Implicit call-to-actions
  • Ads with generic search terms
  • Displays focused on offers
  • Brand attributes videos

93. Sometimes it is not possible to measure the success of a Google Ads campaign that is aggregated across multiple channels, as is the case with measuring brand awareness and brand favorability. Why is it difficult to determine performance across multiple channels?

  • Multiple channels survey only ad-exposed groups of users.
  • Multiple channels aggregate all your data into a single view.
  • Multiple channels consolidate campaign data for actionable insights.
  • Multiple channels may use different tools to measure brand lift.

94. Google Marketing Platform is as effective for small businesses as it is for enterprises. In fact, only two products aren’t available in the Small business version of Google Marketing Platform. What are these two products? (Choose two.)

  • Tag Manager
  • Search Ads 360
  • Surveys
  • Data Studio
  • Display & Video 360

95. Sara is analyzing the conversion data of her video ad campaign in Google Ads. She wants to see a summary of, on average, how many days, ad clicks, and ad impressions it took users to convert a customer. Which report will provide her with this information?

  • The click analysis report
  • The attribution overview report
  • The campaigns report
  • The conversions report

96. Jon implemented conversion tracking tags for his website. He recently released an app as well. Jon’s reviewing the totals across all conversions using the campaign report in Google Ads, but he wants to see the conversion results specifically for app installs and first opens. How can he accomplish this?

  • By viewing the data by Impression-assisted conversions.
  • By adding a column for each app conversion type in Campaigns.
  • By segmenting the data by conversion action in Campaigns.
  • By viewing the paths report and sorting by conversion type.

97. A primary benefit of Google My Business is what it can tell you about how customers behave when they visit your listing. Which Google My Business feature can you use to follow these interactions?

  • Google My Business Reviews
  • Google My Business Services
  • Google My Business Insights
  • Google My Business Info

98. Linking a client’s Google My Business with Google Ads allows for the creation of location extensions. Which statement is true about location extensions?

  • Location extensions replace traditional ads with a delivery focused specifically on sharing location information with customers.
  • Location extensions share all of the reviews from your Google My Business listing, to entice customers to visit your location.
  • Location extensions add an address, a link to see the business on google maps, or the distance a user is from the location to campaign ads.
  • Location extensions provide a messaging button, your phone number, and your business’s e-mail address for customer inquiries.

99. You decide to bulk upload your multiple business locations to Google My Business. Some of the locations in your upload were disapproved. Which two errors can cause this issue? (Choose two.)

  • Missing listing photos
  • Late listing registration
  • Multiple locations in one physical address
  • Too many listing users
  • Incorrect business name

100. How does Google My Business help businesses reach more customers when it matters most? (Choose two.)

  • By providing insights on customer behavior.
  • By helping them understand the actions of similar businesses.
  • By engaging their customers online.
  • By lowering overall bounce rates.
  • By improving their mobile site speed.

101. What tag allows you to tell Google Ads which specific customer actions should be tracked as a conversion?

  • An event tag
  • An analog tag
  • A global site tag
  • A temporary tag

102. If someone is using Google My Business to promote their restaurant online and attract new customers, what feature can be used to encourage new people to try them out?

  • Customer reviews
  • Dynamic ads
  • In-search call button
  • Insights

103. The Google My Business messaging tool allows customers to reach business owners through what type of communication?

  • Text messaging
  • Bulletin boards
  • Email
  • Video chat

104. What are the verification options for businesses with 10 or more locations?

  • They can enter their location information in bulk but will have to verify each location individually
  • They can import and verify their locations in bulk
  • They only need to verify one location, and the rest will be automatically verified
  • They’ll have to enter and verify their locations individually

105. If using Google Tag Manager, which of the following sitewide tagging solutions would be used to measure conversions?

  • Add on the conversion linker tag to Google Tag Manager
  • Install gtag.js tags
  • Link Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts
  • Sitewide tagging is already in place, so no action is needed

106. Which two of the following conversion tracking options are available when setting up in-app conversion tracking?

  • Facebook
  • Firebase
  • Google Play
  • iTunes

107. A candle company is writing copy for a new Display ad. They want to use it to influence consideration for their product. What should they do with their creative?

  • Focus on a specific offer or a product (upsell)
  • Focus on brand attributes or product value proposition
  • Focus on story-telling around the brand
  • Include an implicit or explicit call-to-action (Buy Now, Buy Here, Shop Here, etc.)

108. Which three of the following aspects are needed when writing a strong key performance indicator (KPI)?

  • It has a defined timeframe
  • It is aggressive
  • It is clear
  • It is measurable

109. Giovanni runs a small bike company. Which tool can he use to turn his ad data into beautiful visual reports?

  • Analytics
  • Analytics 360
  • Data Studio
  • Optimize

110. Aiesha is dissatisfied with the conversion rate that her ads are generating for her retail website. She wants to make some changes to improve the conversion rate. What should she do to achieve this? (Choose two.)

  • Not include prices that may eliminate customers.
  • Include names of her competitors in the keywords.
  • Use negative keywords to add limits to her ads.
  • Use general keywords to attract as many people as possible.

111. Allen is a marketing manager who received a series of ads from his creative team. He wants to use A/B testing to find the ads in the series that yield the best results. Which type of ads will Allen compare?

  • Ads used in identical ways, on the same channels, and directed at the same audience.
  • Ads with exposed groups, on the same message, and directed at the same audience.
  • Ads with unexposed groups, on the same budget, and directed at the same audience.
  • Ads with unexposed groups, on the same channels, and directed at the same audience.
  • Use more specific keywords that limit the volume of clicks.

112. Which is an example of a purchase metric that can be tracked?

  • Pages per visit
  • Return on ad spend
  • Brand awareness
  • Upsells

113. What can be used to customize how the data is tracked in the Conversions column?

  • Auction Insights report
  • Custom tables
  • Include in Conversions setting
  • Modify Columns setting

114. Which three of the following actions can improve your conversion rate?

  • Don’t use negative keywords
  • Use negative keywords to further refine audience traffic
  • Use specific keywords for better conversion rates
  • Use the Search Terms report to reach the right customers

115. Which two of the following statements are true about Attribution reports?

  • App conversions and store visits are included in Attribution reports
  • App conversions and store visits are not included in Attribution reports
  • Attribution reports can help you estimate how changes to your attribution model might impact conversion reporting
  • Attribution reports can help you evaluate and optimize performance after you’ve changed your attribution model

116. A company that designs coffee mugs wants to see which of their video creatives makes viewers remember their brand best. Which of the following Google tool can they use to find out?

  • Ad recall
  • Brand favorability
  • Brand Lift
  • Conversion Lift

117. Which of the following attribution models uses machine learning to evaluate individual customer paths?

  • Data-driven
  • Last interaction
  • Linear
  • Time decay

118. Hiroko is running a Search campaign for a couple of months and would like to make some improvements. Identify three ways that she can optimize her campaign after assessing performance.

  • Assess which audience targeting is performing best and double down
  • Don’t make changes until the campaign has been running for at least six months
  • Remove poorly performing creative and test out new creative
  • Turn on automated bidding

119. Which three of the following are good measurement habits for any individual or company?

  • Bring data to all of your meetings
  • Encourage learning from failure
  • Look at data only every month or so
  • Run tests continuously

120. Jane clicks on a Search ad for lipstick then buys it online three days later by clicking on a Facebook ad. On which day would Google Ads credit the conversion?

  • 24 hours after the purchase, to ensure payment is processed
  • Never, since the last interaction was with Facebook
  • The day the ad is clicked
  • The day the purchase is made

121. Which two of the following statements are true about conversion tracking?

  • An extra snippet of code needs to be added to Google Ads to help track user interactions with your site
  • Budgets automatically get shifted to the most productive ads
  • It can track ad interactions and identify the ads most valuable to your business
  • The best performing ads provide insight into creating new and improved creatives

122. Bob owns a small café with a Google My Business listing, but he’d love to have a mobile-friendly website as well. He doesn’t know much about creating websites. What’s a tool that Bob can use to create his site?

  • Posts
  • AdWords
  • Messaging
  • Website builder

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