7 Best Cartoon Character Voice Generator Tools in 2023

best cartoon character voice generator

Do you want to create funny videos with the help of cartoon character voice generators? You’re at the right place.

Turn your text into the cartoon-like voices of your favorite characters with text-to-speech apps.

Built with machine learning algorithms, these apps allow you to convert your text into AI voiceovers for use in different projects. You can use these voice clips in your training videos, sales videos, education videos, or YouTube videos.

Let’s find out the best cartoon character’s voice generator text-to-speech apps of 2023.

Best Cartoon Character Voice Generator in 2023

1. Speechelo – (Best Pick)

Price: $47

speechelo review 2022

Transform any text into human-sounding speech with Speechelo.

Whether it’s a sales video, educational video, or training video, Speechelo comes with all kinds of voices that you can use. You can use serious voices for your sales videos that will capture your audience’s attention or use a female voice for your demo or training videos.

The software also comes with over 30 human-sounding voices, male and female voices included. You can preview the voices to hear and find one that suits your videos. In addition, Speechelo allows you to add breathing sounds and even choose the tone.

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Available in English and 23 other languages, the software works with other video creation applications such as Adobe Premier, Camtasia, Audacity, iMovie, and others.

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2. FakeYou

fakeyou best cartoon character voice generator

Price: Free/Paid

Next, we have Fake You, a voice cloning software that will convert text into speech. In fact, you can convert any text into the voices of your favorite cartoon characters. Previously, Fake You was called Vo.codes but they rebranded to better reflect the software’s purpose and direction.

FakeYou is a web application that means you don’t have to download or install any app on your desktop or laptop. To clone your voice, simply visit the Fake You website, and select a voice that suits your needs.

For example: If you want to create a cartoon character voice – you would need to select “Cartoons” option from the voice category, then choose the desired cartoon series. After that a new dropdown box will open, from there you can choose your favorite cartoon character of that series. Then input your text in the space provided and click “Speak.” The software will convert your text into the selected voice you can use in your videos.

There are nearly 2582 voices to choose from — Cartoons, Anime, Comics Superheroes and what not.

3. Uberduck

uberduck cartoon text to speech

Price: $10 to $300

Make AI voiceovers with 5,000+ voices using Uberduck. The software comes with a text-to-speech function that allows you to convert any text into AI voiceovers. It’s easy to use and you can generate voiceovers for your different projects.

If you make TikTok videos, you can clone your singing voice and use it in your videos. Besides cloning your voice for TikTok videos, you can also use your cloned voice for home assistants, question-answering bots, and many more.

Lastly, we have reference audio, a feature that allows users to make AI sing or rap. Simply select your reference audio, enter speech to synthesize, enable pitch correction and you’re good to go.

4. Murf.AI

Best Cartoon Character Voice Generator Tools

Price: $0 to $167

Make studio-quality voiceovers in minutes with Murf.AI

Whether you’re an author, marketer, podcaster, animator, or product developer, you can make AI voiceovers for your projects in minutes. Murf.AI has a vast library of voices.

In fact, you have got the choice of more than 120 text-to-speech voices available in over 20 languages. As such, you can make videos for different audiences. It has a voice maker that allows you to upload videos, images, and music and then sync it with voices of your choice.

With Murf.AI, creating a good voiceover is now easier than ever.

5. Spik.ai

Price: Free

Generate voice clips of up to 1000 characters with Spik.ai.

Powered by StreamsLive, Spik.ai allows users to generate realistic audio from text. The software has a wide range of machine learning algorithms giving you access to the best voice generation technology.

As a non-registered user, you can generate voice clips from text of up to 300 characters. However, once you sign up, you can generate voice clips from 1000 characters. Spik.ai allows you to generate transcripts from audio languages.

All you need to do is upload your audio file and Spik.ai will send a PDF transcript of the voices in the audio file to your inbox.

6. 15.ai

Best Cartoon Character Voice Generator

Price: Free

15.ai is a non-commercial AI application that enables users to generate natural text-to-speech voices from fictional characters. Developed by an MIT researcher, 15.ai uses a combination of audio synthesis algorithms, sentiment analysis models, and speech synthesis neural networks.

Launched in 2020, it started as a proof of concept of voice acting and dubbing using AI technology. Thanks to its non-commercial nature and ease of use, it’s been lauded by many users.

7. Robovox Online Voice Changer

Price: Free

Record and modify your voice with Robovox online voice changer. The software allows you to transform your voice to sound funny, scary, musical, or like a robot. RoboVox uses vocoder technology, and users can choose from more than 32 voice styles with modulation and pitch settings.

It comes with three different modes – recording, parrot, and real-time. Once you transform your voice, you can share your results on SoundCloud or email them as WAV files.

RoboVox is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

What Software Do YouTubers Use to Change Their Voice?

There are numerous software and apps that YouTube creators use to change their voices. However, the most popular is Speechelo.

As mentioned, Speechelo is a premium voice changer software that you can use for YouTube videos, sales videos, training videos, and educational videos.

It has more than 30 human-sounding voices, male and female voices included. Not only that. It’s the only text-to-speech tool that adds infections in voice clips and can read the text in three ways – serious, joyful, and normal tones.

What Are the Benefits of Using Text-to-Speech Software?

The following are the benefits of using text-to-speech software.

  • Converts text to speech in minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Helps kids with editing and writing
  • Helps extend the reach of your content
  • Allows for global market penetration
  • Enhances your customer experience
  • Increases your web presence
  • Saves you time and money

Can You Monetize YouTube Videos With Text-To-Speech Software?

Yes, you can monetize Youtube videos with the help of text-to-speech software. As long as the content is unique you can serve ads on your videos.

These apps can read the text on your script with your chosen cartoon character voice, all you need is to create your video and sync them with the voice clip. Upload the video to your YouTube channel and monetize through ads.

To receive more views and subscribers to your channels, find good quality AI text-to-speech software and a good script.

Your script should engage your viewers and keep them glued to your videos. Also, make sure that you optimize the script and video for YouTube’s ad system.