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Everything You Need To Know To Get The Best From Your BBQ

According to the Book Of BBQ all the faithful need toys, sorry tools, to further their enjoyment as well as increase the quality of the results of their BBQ worship. I've certainly had a great time putting all this information together as there's a number of items that I didn't have and could suddenly justify getting them. Now, don't take any of the three classifications as gospel - everybody does different things and does them differently. If I've listed an item under the Nice To Have section but you know you need it - go and buy it ! For example, while I consider my marinade injectors as an essential item however, if you do not BBQ many large cuts of meat, then that will not be an essential item to you. Essential BBQ Tools Rotisserie Kit I have one of these for the hooded BBQ that I currently have, and in my opinion they are a waste of time and money. It's quite a fiddly job to get the meat balanced on the spindle so that it spins correctly and