The Best Running Socks to Keep Your Feet Dry and Happy

Are you still wearing your everyday cotton tube socks for running? I really hope not, your feet definitely deserve better.

But I have to admit that every once in a while I look down to see my running partner (my husband) wearing his cotton tube socks, instead of a proper pair of good running socks. I guess old habits die hard. Don't ask me why, he has a drawer full of the best running socks.

After spending $100+ on your running shoes, doesn't it make total sense to go the extra $10 to keep your feet cool, dry, blister-free and happy? Just like running apparel, the running socks you wear shouldn't be made of 100% cotton and the best running socks have given way to modern day comfort.

How Do I Choose the Best Running Socks?

You wont have a problem finding running socks, as there are so many to choose from that one could become seriously confused.  You need them to be the right size, not too big and also feel comfortable.

There are variety of running socks that are manufactured with high-tech, moisture-wicking breathable fabric to choose from. Some honorable mentions are:

Thorlo Thick Cushion Running Crew Socks that will fit different foot types with its 11 ribbing that fully encompass the arch and in-step for a great fit and incredible support.

Balega Hidden Comfort Tab Running Sock, we really must hand it to Balega Hidden for designing the X-Statis Run sock that actually was created using a fabric that eliminates odor. Could get a few of us out of a stinky situation.

And The Winner Is

Still today, as for the past 2 decades, I never go far from ASICS Running Socks. I bought my first pair of ASICS Kayano Classic Quarter Socks for my first marathon and my deciding factor in my purchase was their money-back guarantee offered if you ever developed a blister while wearing them.

I'm not sure whether they still offer that guarantee, but, I don't need it, because I've worn them long enough now that I know that I wont develop any blisters while wearing them.  In my opinion, these are, without a doubt, the best running socks.

What Do I Like About Them?

The Wright running socks give you a double shot of Coolmax they have two layers of material to absorb the friction. While one layer stays with your foot the other stays with the running shoe and the slight movement happens between the layers. I've tested them from marathons to Ironman and have yet to develop a blister.

I also like that you feel their comfort as soon as you put them on.  I cant say that every running sock has the same level of comfort.  Plus, the Wright running sock never wear out I mean NEVER.  I have had bad luck with other running socks wearing through the toe, but this never happens with the Wright running sock.

Where Can I Buy Them?

They are available in most running stores, although Amazon have the best price that I have found. The Wright running sock is also cheaper than many other running socks.  They are a small price to pay for comfortable feet.
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