Can You Control Blood Sugar Levels Without Medicine

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The fluctuation in the normal blood glucose levels is the major factor for various harmful diseases like diabetes. Normally the food we intake is converted to glucose and this is carried by the blood stream to all over the body to supply energy and the level of glucose is maintained by the insulin created by pancreas.

In high glucose levels condition the body is unable to secrete adequate insulin to convert glucose resulting in higher glucose secretion. As this disorder is very serious people should rush to find remedies at the earliest of the warning signs to control blood sugar levels by any means.

Although there are plenty of medicines available to control blood sugar levels the best and long-term cure can be obtained by lowering blood sugar naturally through diet such as 21 day sugar detox book and changing lifestyle with the help of the doctors.

If a person is very keen and confident about his diet and follows the diabetic diet plans he is sure to lower and maintain his normal blood glucose levels without employing any medications. In general the diabetic patients are recommended to eat high fiber and low-fat diets at suggested small quantities of frequent meals throughout the day to effectively control sugar level in the blood.

Have Low Glycemic Foods

It is must for patients who prefer to control blood sugar levels or diabetic sugar levels to include plenty of rich low-glycemic fruits, vegetables and whole grains in their daily meals.

Fruits like avocado, grapefruit, jamun, peaches, mangoes, jackfruit, apples, cherries etc. As all these fruits consist of antioxidants and other vital vitamins and minerals that will help to secrete insulin and lower blood sugar levels. Alcohol and other starchy food substances that are surplus in fat must be strictly prohibited to stay healthy.

Drink Water and Avoid Processed Foods

Drinking plenty of water helps in cleaning out the toxins from the body and control blood sugar levels to a greater extent. It is also advisable to drink herbal tea, as this acts as a sugar blocker. For better results in maintaining diabetic sugar levels it is vital to avert all the processed and tinned foods, too much of sweets, junk food stuffs, soft drinks etc. Food items that consist of healthy fat like olive oil, peanut, omega 3 in fish are also good sources to lower blood glucose levels.

Get Up and Exercise

The next important way to control blood sugar levels is to do regular exercises. Exercises will help a lot to maintain ideal weight and increase insulin production. Walking is the best exercise that will reduce blood sugar levels effectively. A person can carry out his exercises just after getting proper guidance from the experts as this will reduce the risk of any bad effects.


Proper monitoring of blood sugar levels, habitual diet plan and routine exercises will all together make a healthy life by facilitating people to control blood sugar levels without spending a lot for ample of medications.

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